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Water Meter and Service Guidelines Version 4, 2015

20 April 2015 20:53 | Anonymous

Version four (4) of the Water Metering and Servicing Guidelines (as adopted by SEW, CWW and YVW) is now available on CWW and SEW websites.


Significant changes to guidelines  in addition to those in-line with the Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) Regulations 2014 S.R No. 87/2014 are as follows;

  • Standardised spatial requirements for primary meter assemblies (drawing 20)
  • Typical arrangement for interconnected supply to feed hydrant suction outlet (drawing 15A
  • Tapping configurations (drawings 17 & 18)
  • Reduction in clearances for meter assemblies (Sub/Check meter) in confined spaces
  • Sub/Check meter typical arrangement options for Drinking / Class A recycled
  • Requirement for Class A recycled water washing machine stop tap in the laundry (drawing 19)

SEW, YVW & CWW have implemented any changes/additions effective immediately.

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